27 May 2012

Yoshitaka SKC Invitational Kata Championship

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Yoshitaka SKC Invitational Kata Championship Kata
1st: Rhys Davies
3rd: Menna Langston

19 May 2012

3rd Shotokan Way Course - Sidcup/Wanstead

with Sensei Herbert 5th Dan & Sensei Banfield 2nd Dan, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May 2012 posted by ASK Admin

Kent and London were the locations of this years 2-Day TSW Open Karate Course. As in previous years, the course instructors were the ASK's Paul Herbert (5th Dan) & Shaun Banfield (2nd Dan/TSW editor).

Over the weekend course, the 6 x 1 hour classes included the content of blocking technique, striking technique, kicking technique, kumite for competition and the katas Enpi and Nijushiho.

Guest who travelled from as far as Sweden to attend the online magazines 3rd annual seminar came from numerous Shotokan backgrounds inc ASK, SKE, ESRKK, KUGB, SKIF and JKA.

The 4th annual TSW Open Course is planned for May 2013.

3rd Shotokan Way Course - Sidcup/Wanstead3rd Shotokan Way Course - Sidcup/Wanstead

18 MAR 2012

Wadokai Open Karate Championships

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Wadokai Open Karate ChampionshipsGrand Champion
Dave Westgarth

Black/Brown Belt Kata
1st: Dave Westgarth

Male Kumite 70Kgs+
1st: Dave Westgarth

Ladies Black/Brown Belt Kumite
3rd: Jenny Westgarth

Ladies Team Kumite
2nd: Jenny Westgarth

10 MAR 2012

12th Legend Shotokan Open Championship

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12th Legend Shotokan Open ChampionshipAdult Male Kyu Kumite
1st: Darren Corneille

Junior Team Kata
1st: Cowbridge SKC

Ladies Black/Brown Belt Kata
2nd: Emma Robins

Umder 16’s Black/Brown Belt Kumite
2nd: Chloe Jones

Adult Male Kyu Kumite
2nd: Michael Hackman

12th Legend Shotokan Open ChampionshipJunior Kyu Kata
2nd: Emanuelle Davies

Junior Black/Brown Belt Kata
3rd: Ethan Cutts

Adult Kyu Kata
3rd: Darren Corneille

Adult Kyu Kata
3rd: Michael Hackman

Junior Team Kata
3rd: Cowbridge SKC

Junior Kyu Kata
3rd: Rhys Davies, Darcy Peel

24 JAN 2012

EKF National Kyu Grade Championships

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EKF National Kyu Grade Championships Male Kumite
2nd: Andrew Jones

04 MAR 2012

T.A.S.K Open Karate Competition

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T.A.S.K Open Karate CompetitionFemale Kumite
1st: Jenny Westgarth