Jeff Westgarth

7th Dan

Jeff Westgarth 7th Dan


Jeff Westgarth has been training in Shotokan Karate for over 50 and has held the rank of 7th Dan since 2011. A member of the Academy’s technical panel, Jeff is also the senior ASK instructor for the north of England, a grading examiner and our chief referee. Over the years, Jeff has trained with many legends of Karate both past and present including names like Enoeda, Kanazawa, Asano, Takahashi, Kato, Kawasoe, Sherry, O’Neill, Cattle, Higgins, Poynton, Rhodes, Trimble, Dewey and Hazard to list but a few. Today, Jeff is a highly respected WKF ‘A Class’ referee and successful coach who continues to produce national and regional champions in both Kata and Kumite from his Blyth dojo.

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