Jess Lavender

7th Dan

Jess Lavender 7th Dan


Jess has been training in Shotokan Karate for over 50 years and has held the rank of 7th Dan since the year 2013. A member of the Academy’s technical panel, Jess has been teaching Karate since 1977 and was the man with whom Sensei Hazard entrusted his renowned Brighton dojo when he relocated to the Midlands. A former member of both the KUGB and SEKU, Jess remains true to the tradition of Shotokan Karate as defined by Enoeda Sensei and the legacy that the Japanese icon himself left with Sensei Hazard. An instructor who has opened the door of Karate to so many students of his own, Jess believes that he himself was forunate to be taught by the very best instructors of his generation. Today, Jess continues to run the ASK Brighton Karate in West Sussex.

Jess can be contacted via [email protected] or