Covid 19

Following the COBRA meeting on Friday, more recent fast moving Government communications and advice from the England Karate Federation, the A.S.K. is suspending all close contact group activities WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, that is to say there are to be no A.S.K. instructors or their students partaking in competitions/tournaments (including overseas), gradings or courses.

Further, all A.S.K. instructors are also advised, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT to suspend all Karate classes/ club activities until further notice. It is anticipated that these restrictions will be in place until April and for at least the next fortnight to enable a better assessment of the virus' spread.

I will keep you updated with information as I receive it. As you know, this is a fast moving and potentially dangerous situation and I feel that it is prudent to act now to ensure ourselves and our students' maximum safety.

Dave Hazard
Chairman and Chief Instructor
Academy of Shotokan Karate


Through diligent study of the traditional principles of Shotokan Karate, the aim of the Academy is to provide an environment that allows its members to fulfil their true potential. The Academy provides quality instruction from an extremely experienced team of senior teachers, committed to developing students to progress the Art of Karate-Do for the future. In addition to a dedication of traditional principles, I believe that an embracing of modern knowledge will allow the ability of our members to eventually exceed that of the Academy's most senior instructors.

The spirit and integrity of my teacher Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda will always remain at the heart of the ASK.
Dave Hazard
Chairman / Chief Instructor